Tel Aviv is a vibrant city that boasts one of the world’s largest collections of buildings with international styles. The city is well known for its Bauhaus colony that is recognized by many as “The White City” in Israel. You can witness not just the panoramic view offered by beaches alongside the Mediterranean coastline, just within a few steps from Tel Aviv Suites, but also the city’s rich architectural designs.


One of the distinct charms of the city is its architecturally designed buildings.  The famous Bauhaus-style building is the main architectural attraction of the place. It is recognized as an official UNESCO world heritage because of its historical and unique foundation. The building displays an assortment of locally interpreted styles designed by locally-born architects and those of the foreign, who had adapted to the climatic and local cultural conditions of the place.


Tel Aviv has also Bauhaus Center. It is built to give tourists extensive information about The White City. You can find an array of contemporary Bauhaus-style houses located in the heart of Tel Aviv with structures and designs that adapt the hot and humid climate of the city. Most of the Bauhaus-style buildings are located on Rothschild Boulevard, just 20 minutes walking distance from Tel Avi Suites. You can admire the surrounding while strolling along the Rothschild Blvd and sip good coffee in one of its cafes during your stay.

Aside from its popular Bauhaus-style buildings, Tel Aviv also prides itself with other good contemporary architectures. The place has recently erected buildings that display contemporary designs, which matches the beauty of Tel Aviv city. Some of these buildings include Peace Peres House, Rothschild Tower, Museum Holon, Jabotinsky Center and Tel Aviv Museum of Art Extension.


You can also find eclectic architecture in the place that exists for more than decades, such as the Pagoda House of Alexander Levy built in 1920s. The architectural building is integrated with elements originating from several motifs, time periods and architectural styles. Its style is inspired with traditional Chinese Pagoda matched with Greek Doric columns and Islamic arches. It bears an identity of newly-born city with new architectural language merged from the West and East. Other eclectic architectures found in the city include the Beit Ha’r, Bialik House, The Great Synagogue, and Levine House.


The Dizengoff Square, located in the heart of the city within eight minutes walking distance from Tel Aviv Suites,  also holds significance, both architecturally and culturally. It is a well-known spot of cinemas, nightlife and theaters. The place is occupied mostly by many tourists and locals after sundown. They enjoy the renovated international houses surrounding especially during night time.  Another architectural pride of the city is its first skyscraper, which is the El Al House. It offers panoramic views of the Mediterranean. The building is now a prime office space for real estate. It has an iconic spiral staircase, an exposed concrete and a style of geometrical repetition, making it a brutality landmark in Tel Aviv.

Tel Aviv has many things to offer to all its visitors year round. Its good location, humid climate, panoramic views and remarkable infrastructures can make any holiday escapades worth remembering for. The place also offers a different kind of fun and adventure, making it one of the most popular tourist spots around the world.